Using ZSH Hook Functions to print current directory on return key

ZSH Is Amazingly Powerful - Some More

This function will keep track of the commands entered. Including the previous command.

When the command is an empty string then it will provide a directory listing.

I am finding this to be useful when used along with the key binding I posted for changing to my repository directories.

Now, after I use my "change to a repository directory" keybinding, I am able to hit enter right away, which I had to anyway to get the new prompt line to show up, and I am now given a directory listing.

The Code


This line needs to be somewhere before the meat of this:

autoload -U add-zsh-hook

The Functions

Then the actual function/s:

# last non empty command entered is $lcmd
empty_command_preexec(){ ncmd=$1; }
add-zsh-hook -Uz preexec empty_command_preexec
  if [ "$ncmd" ]; then
      lcmd=$ncmd; ncmd=;
      exa -a -a -l
add-zsh-hook -Uz precmd empty_command_precmd

This code is actually mostly from a StackOverflow article but I thought it would go well with the directory changing function and wanted to remember how to do this anyway.

It might be best to just make one document or page with the most helpful shell aliases/functions/tools I have and a list of resources/references.