Unlocking My Front Door P1

Getting Control - What's the point?

Problem: I move somewhere with a fancy iOS enabled door lock. No SIRI/iOS integration though

Solution 1: Watch HTPS traffic and see what this iOS app does


First off, I of course decrypted the app, dissassembled, debugged and went searching for ways to swizzle something so I could call directly into some function that would toggle the lock/unlock.

This turns out to be a hassle for me because this app is written in Swift/SwiftUI with minimal Objective-C. The dependencies were really the only thing written in Objective-C which meant the tooling and knowledge I had learned and used years ago wouldn't work well here. At least to me knowledge.

Using Frida and doing a Cursory glance of the classes available I find Myself staring at a long list of mangled Swift names. For example: "_TtGC7Combine16PublishedSubjectGSqC7Kwikset30LockSettingToggleItemViewModel__"

So I decided to go with a different approach. I would watch the traffic and see what the app was doing. I would then try to replicate that in my own app.